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Europe's Creative Regions and Cities - 100 Young Talents
Bruksela, 20-21.04.2009

100 Creative Talents of Europe in European Parliament, 20.04.2009

Europe appreciates young and creative artists from Greater Poland

A designer, Paweł Grobelny, and a flutist, Ewa Murawska, have been chosen to a group of "100 young and creative talents" from the whole Europe and given a chance to take part in a forum organized by the European Committee and the Committee of the Regions - "Creative Regions and Cities". This event is taking place on 20 - 21 April, 2009, in Brussels.
Thanks to the recommendation of Governor Marek Woźniak, Vice-president of the Committee of the Regions in Brussels, these two young and creative artists from Poznań will take part in a two day forum whose aim is to present novel and creative practices on the local and regional levels. It will be an occasion for representatives of cities and regions to share solutions and projects of animating creativity and innovativeness. The idea of the forum "Creative Regions and Cities" is to prove that culture is the best way to build mutual respect for distinctness and diversity. Thanks to the possibility of confrontation and exchange of own experiences, the participants can work out some forms of dialogue and start cooperation in order to make innovative and interesting projects together in the future. (19 April, 2009)

Below are selected excerpts brochure, which was released to the project. The entire brochure can be downloaded from the link 100 talents biographies

Polish group in European Parliament, april 2009