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Ewa Murawska




Iceland: Introduction to the knowledge of society and culture

The interdisciplinary monograph presents Iceland through the prism of social and cultural conditions - from a historical as well as contemporary point of view. An excellent book for both specialists and amateurs - travellers, those who already know the local culture and those who are just dreaming of visiting the land of unusual landscapes and social contrasts. The book consists of essays by representatives of various disciplines (a historian, geographer, sociologist, philologist, linguist, musicologist, folklorist, theorist of literature).

Editors: Pessel Włodzimierz Karol, Chymkowski Roman

Authors: Dąbski Maciej, Szelągowska Grażyna, Czarnecki Przemysław, Hołownia Olga, Pietrzkiewicz Anna, Wojtyńska Anna, Kristjánsdóttir Dagný, Murawska Ewa, Ásgeirsson Árni Ólafur, Bukowiecki Łukasz, Kwiatkowski Karol

Number of pages: 302
Issue number: 1
Year of issue: 2009
Publishing house: Trio
Cover: soft
Dimensions: 14x20

Language of original: Polish
Category: popular science literature
Genre: popular science
Form: essay (literary sketch)/collection of essays (sketches)