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Ewa Murawska




Flute in Iceland

"Flute in Iceland" Ewa Murawska
Publishing House of Music Academy in Poznań, 2010

"Iceland has been known to some Poles mainly as a country where you can find a well-paid job. So, the biggest group of foreigners living in this country are Poles. Whereas many Polish people working in Iceland perceive it as a kind of El Dorado, they hardly know anything about the Icelandic culture. And, that is also true for the majority of people living in Poland. (...) The Author has fully taken advantage of her experience as an instrumentalist, resulting in meeting a number of musicians and composers during her long stay in Iceland while teaching in one of the music schools there. She performed her task in an attractive and competent way. A study has been written about the flute music in Iceland, trying to bring the highlights of history and culture of this country closer to people, showing the profiles of the Icelandic flute composers, describing the achievements of the prominent Icelandic flutists. The whole study was planned as a two part work; it consists of five chapters where the Author shows a panorama of the Icelandic history and its cultural life development, and then presents some facts concerning the main subject of the book, i.e., music life in Iceland and its flute literature. The second part is a collection of fifteen interviews with Icelandic artists, containing discussions with them on topics connected with music culture, and especially flute music. The whole book is written in accessible language, enriched with the Author's subjective remarks about music and musicians, which makes the reading a really pleasurable experience. And, what's more important, this language accessibility does not diminish any of the cognitive elements that the text includes (...)"

Fragment of the review by Marek Podhajski, Prof. Ph.D. habilitated

Publishing House of Music Academy in Poznań